What’s a VPN And Things You Need To Know

VPN stands for the virtual private network, which is a powerful tool that has used by millions of people around the world. The industry worth is over a billion dollar.

The VPN was introduced by the Microsoft engineer Gurdeep Pall Singh back in 1996.

Currently, more than 100 millions of people have subscribed to the service and active on a daily basis. Many agencies and companies are using it effectively. Not many people know the use of it and benefits of a VPN that can give them the solution they were looking for a long time.

What’s a VPN and Its Advantages

Currently, more than one hundred Android and iOS application are available for the smartphone. You can guess the number of active services available for the PC, and it was more than sixteen years ago when VPN was introduced to the market.

What is VPN?

Using the simplest words to explain VPN in fewer words. VPN is a server that is installed and running in some other country that covers your IP address and creates a barrier between you and privacy invaders.

VPN is a powerful tool that can keep many online threats away from you and your PC.

Advantages of VPN

Lack of information has blinded many people into believing that it is a waste of money. We are going to the Tested & Experienced advantages you get from it.

1 – There could be many reasons but the primary reason why a common man should get this to access blocked sites. What do we mean by blocked sites? The Government of any country blocks websites like China has blocked Google and Youtube, Saudi has blocked Youtube and many other sites.

The VPN can help you access these sites, and this method is legal.

Let’s assume that there is a site that banned in your country; then the Government will block them for good, then you won’t be able to visit it.

The VPN is a server that is located in any other country, which does not have any restrictions on visiting the banned site.

You can set any location of your desire, which allows you to access it.

2 – Did you know that from past five years more than a billion websites added to the World Wide Web. 69% of the sites are spam, and they were designed to steal your information and dupe you money.

The VPN hides your IP address with theirs and protects you from privacy invaders.

3 – The number of hackers has increased over the years because the industry is worth more than $100 billion of dollars.

Amazon alone makes billions of dollars from selling something that they don’t even own. Too many fake sites created so that you can input your debit or credit card details and they can make easy money.

You can avoid such scams if you have an active VPN connection.

4 – Not many people know about it, but there is a way hackers always get your information without your knowledge, its called DNS Leak.

When you visit a site, your Browser is communicating with the Website server, which means they are exchanging information. Anyone who has advanced knowledge in coding can open up a path to copy that data.

The data also include your Email, Passwords, Credit card info, Netbanking info, and more. A major reason why people reports where victims have no idea why they lost money.

5 – Currently, there are plenty of services online which are not available worldwide for various professional reasons but why you should stop enjoying those services?

For example, did you know that Google owns a platform called Vevo? But it is only available in the United States of America.

Even ESPN Live TV is not available outside of the country, which is a limit that you don’t want to experience.

By using the VPN, you can have visited any of these sites by changing the location to “The USA” it’s that simple.

You can read more about it here.


The virtual private network is powerful that can help any average person access a variety of sites all over the world. You can shop and watch premium service online. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.

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