Vuuzle.TV – The Best Streaming Service Ever

Vuuzle.TV is a premium streaming service available in the US that offers live video content including hit television shows, sports, news and feature-length movies in HD. Pay a little and you get access to Vuuzle content library and 100+ premium channels. You get unlimited access to Vuuzle streaming library and stream 70+ top live and on-demand TV channels including news, entertainment and sports. You get speed of light transactions through portal and can easily switch between plans or cancel your existing plan anytime.

Streaming on Vuuzle.TV is Fun

Vuuzle.TV delivers HD programming on different devices including Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, Opera TV, Android STB, iOS devices, Apple TV, Chromecast and more. As of now, it delivers 1500+ television shows and movies in HD from different genres such as science and technology, autos and vehicles, comedy, movies, entertainment, people & blogs and more. You can always stream live channels caching up TV, HD music and 10000+ VOD searchable episodes.

Stream from Anywhere, Anytime

No matter where you are, you can always take your favorite channels along. The ‘free’ package supports a few channels with ads. The ‘Best Independent’ package costs you $7.99 per month and is ad-free supporting 15+ live channels. The ‘Premium Cable’ package will only cost you $49.99 per month supporting 70+ live channels and is completely ad-free. It is up to you which package you want to opt for. You can start with the ‘Free’ package and gradually upgrade to premium one once you start liking the TV programmes and movies on Vuuzle.TV.

Create Your Own Channel and Broadcast

Click on ‘Broadcast Now’ option to start your own broadcasting channel. First, select the type of channel you wish to broadcast and simply start the recording to broadcast live. Create your own fan base by entertaining people. You can select from different broadcasters available on Vuuzle.TV to telecast your recording. All you have to do is download their application and go live. It is that simple!

What Vuuzle.TV offers?

  • Video Channels: You can find hundreds of channels here. There is an option to view the live channels only. The user can select from different categories and apply filters to narrow the search and get the best according to the choices. The best part is that Vuuzle.TV shows the number of views for each of the channels, giving you a clear idea about its popularity.
  • Videos: You can find videos from different genres and watch them anytime & anywhere. One can easily apply the filters to narrow the search and choose the best stuff to watch. You can always see the number of views to a video and share it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The length of video is also available and most importantly, you can easily play and pause your video anytime. Users can even provide ratings to it.
  • Channel Guide: You can easily find ‘Premium’ and ‘Indie’ channels along with details of every show that will be broadcast on different channels. You can easily get in the details about the channel and the television show or movie that will be broadcast on it.
  • Set-Top Boxes: Vuuzle.TV will shortly be coming with set-top boxes to provide direct access to television shows and all other stuff to the users at certain price.

The Bottom Line

Vuuzle.TV is gaining immense popularity for a short period of time. People are loving the new concept that has been given a boost by allowing people to broadcast themselves online and enhance their fan base. Vuuzle.TV app is available for different platforms including iOS and Android. Download it now and get an HD experience.

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