ExpressVPN is Express of Secure Internet For Windows 10, Android, Mac, iOS And Linux Users

In today’s article, we come to the new section that is known as ExpressVPN as per the news it is fastest and securest VPN. First, let’s talk about it, what is VPN why we use it and how can we use the it. VPN is a Virtual Private Network that helps to connect your IP address to other countries that merely means it change your IP address or bypass your IP address to another one. Why do we need to use the it? It is easy to understand that when you do some personal thing on the Internet like use your bank work or anything and you want that what I’m doing on the Internet it needs secure but many times some hackers keep tracks you and hack your details. To save it from all we use it and it can also use when some website is not working in your country than with the help of the it you can use that site efficiently.

What is ExpressVPN?

I already talk about the VPN, How it works?, why we use and how to use so in this article start with the ExpressVPN. As per the report, this VPN is world fastest VPN, and the rating is 8/10 to 9/10.  This is one of the best Premium ones and also in demand. The are many pros but with some cons. They give some limited configuration, and it is Expensive.  But the most important advantage is that you can download it purchase it and if you don’t like then it gives the features of 30 day Money Back Guarantee. The new features in 2018 are that offering customer-focused service also it is responsive 24/7 customer service support and with no quibbles. ExpressVPN launched in 2009, and till date, it is best one. Another good thing is it is still unlocked for Netflix.

Features of ExpressVPN-

This VPN will automatically choose the most favorable protocol on your behalf. Usually, this is OpenVPN over UDP. Users are able to choose to connect with OpenVPN over TDP, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP.

To make ExpressVPN as accessible and unintimidating as possible for novice users, it has cut out a few tweaks and features available on some more configurable rivals. Encryption levels are non-negotiable, for example; you can’t speed up the connection by sacrificing security. The Basic features of this VPN are-

  • Connect Form Everywhere- You can connect this anywhere from the world and access the blocked site.
  • 148 Servers locations- It is used in 94 countries with 148 VPN server locations in all over the world.
  • Speed Test– It will connect you from where the high speed comes from.
  • App for Every device- ExpressVPN is the award-winning app for  Windows, ISO, Linux, Android, routers also.
  • 24-hours live chat support- If you have any problem regarding with this than the team is available for 24*7.

Security Features-

  • Best-in-class 256-bit ASE encryption-  Your data is fully protected by advanced mathematics and trusted by worldwide.
  • IP address Masking- With the help this no one can track you and also you can change your IP address.
  • Anonymous Browsing- When you use this VPN then you can be anonymous. You can also pay with Bitcoin and use it.
  • Zero-Knowledge DNS- It runs on private, encryption and DNS it makes you safer and faster.
  • No activity logs, no connection logs-  It does not and will never log traffic data, DNS queries. or anything that identifies you.


There are three plans which you can use to pay and use the Express VPN. The first plan is for 12 Months and the price is $ 8.32 and for this, it gives you 35% discount. Another one is for 1 Month and the price is $12.95 but there is no any discount. The last plan is for 6 months and the price is $9.99 and also there is no discount. The best plan is for 12 months with discount and in the budget. All plan are covered 30-days money back guarantee.

For payment, you can use different methods like Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin, etc.

The process to use ExpressVPN-

You can use the VPN simply-

  • Register or sign in with ExpressVPN then download it.
  • If you purchase, then use activation code.

  • After the activation than a and click the button to connect that.

  • You can also refer your friends.

  • Overall

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