Bonk Be Live A Free Streaming App Like No Other!

The fusion of fourth generation technology that has revolutionized the Bionk Live streaming company. The combination of augmented reality, 3d, streaming and social media power has finally made an impact on the smartphone platform.

Boink live streaming corporation has believed in the vision which has fourth generation technology. Millions of dollars have been invested in several departments to make one smartphone application possible.

Bonk Be. Live Streaming Application

The company has invested millions of dollars in research and development of a streaming application that will contribute to the fourth generation technology.

Bonk Be. Live streaming application will shine in the year of 2018 by adding features which will not only help the users to connect billions of people but also give them unique feature to produce much more quality content.

Bonk Be. Live, the live streaming app has collaborated with Imagically to create Augmented reality. The company has also added technology builders IDAP, who is from Ukraine, Indonesia and added castle productions for the perfect design.

Augmented Reality & 3D

The Apple is selling their latest iPhone using Augmented reality feature but did you know that the Bonk Be. Live has already implemented using their application without investing in a high-end optimized smartphone.

You can use the Bonk Be. Live app to make your content more appealing by using Augmented reality feature. Do not mistake the Augmented reality for virtual reality because many people don’t know the differences and we cannot blame them.

The augmented reality is the next towards the virtual reality, which uses your surroundings to build the world, which makes it easier for the app to produce greater quality visuals.

Coming to the 3D part, there is nothing proprietary about it.

Audio & Video Quality

The old days, when we use cassette’s to record the voice, which had a natural audio quality like no other streaming equipment has today.

The quality has been affected and not been fixed by the major companies. Transferring the data via the Internet is so difficult for the companies like Google, Facebook, and other giants in the market.

The Bonk be, Live has figured out a way to send and receive audio data that gives you more clarity in the conversation.

It does not matter if you are in a group conversation or streaming live to your followers, it will maintain the audio clarity like no other application.

Diverse Post Options

As we all know that day-by-day the social media platforms adding restrictions to post the content of your choice regardless if the content is good or bad.

Not only that when the social media platform era has come to an end, then the platform deletes everything stored on the platform because it cost them more to maintain than earn from it.

Bonk Be. Live has added VIP & Premium option for those who want to access premium features to make their existing content appear better.

The will exist and so will your data.


Many companies understand that people cannot stream while working to earn their bread. The CEO of the Boink Live has added display advertisements and video advertisements to the platform so streams can make money while working on camera.

Any streamer can make money by going LIVE on bonk live, and they can make from $1 to $100,000 a month, which entirely depends on the content.

Thre are three ways to earn from Bonk Live,

  1. Crowd Funding – The viewers can give you money in the form of virtual gifts, which can be converted into real money later.
  2. Display or Video Advertisements – During the stream ads will play, which will help you make money. More than 30% of your followers check your profile and the display advertisements can be seen in your profile, so you can make atleast 120% more from it.
  3. Pitch – When you have thousands of people watching you, then you can picth any product so that you can generate maximum profits from it. When you are streaming, there are heavy chances that people will buy what you sell on the platform, which is why public platforms are powerful.


In the year of 2018, Bonk Be. Live will be available, and anyone who has a smartphone or a tablet can access the full-features without compromising the quality. Let us know how do you feel about it?

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